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Help Us, Help You

What do you want to learn about when it comes to cooking?  What are your blocks?  What kind of recipes to you want?  Where do you need help?

We have been getting some of THE best feedback from our New Year Resolution video a couple weeks ago.  You guys shared some seriously awesome resolutions here and on The Daily Love.

Here are just a few examples:

I’d love to learn to cook some dairy-free indian food.
1. Try one new recipe per week.  2.  Host a dinner party (that I cook for)
I’m going to learn to freshen up leftovers so my man won’t know he’s actually eating leftovers. 
We want more!  You might feel like your cooking question is silly, but we honestly feel there is no kitchen conundrum too small to address!  If you don’t want to post in the comments section here you can email us heretweet it, facebook it, heck, send it by carrier pigeon for all we care!  Just let us know what you’re wondering.
Do you need motivation? Help with meal planning?  Not sure what to make with what?  Curious about how long something will last in the fridge?  Need ideas for good snacks?  Wondering what foods will boost your metabolism?  Let’s us know!
Help us, help you.

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