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Did You See Us On TV?

Put away your notes and take out a pencil, it’s quiz time!  If you’ve been watching our videos and reading our newsletters you’re for sure going to pass.

Are. You.  Reeeeadyyyy???

Remember, each answer is either True or False.  At the end, watch the video to test your knowledge against Better Show Hosts, Audra and JD.

When you’re done, share it with your friends to see how they match up too.

1. Is doesn’t matter what kind of pots or pans you use
2. Once your salad greens start to wilt it’s time to toss them
3. Fatty foods like avocado and coconut oil are bad for you
4. Frozen vegetables are a healthy option 
5. Table salt has the same amount of sodium as sea salt
6. Ice cream is a healthier choice than than frozen yogurt
7. Food loses its nutritional value when you cook it  

What healthy cooking do’s/don’ts did you learn?  We’d love to know!


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  1. I love you ladies. Keep up the good stuff. xo

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