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Rock the Kitchen – Complete Set

Modules Include: 10-Minute Meals, Sexy and Slim, Picky People Pleasers, Easy Entertaining, Sweet Treats and the Fundamentals of Cooking video series (17 in total!) that will teach you all the basic cooking and cutting techniques.

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10-Minute Meals

HCC’s quickest recipes to get you feeling great even if you got home late.

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Sexy and Slim

Sensuous and satiating, Robyn + Quinn show you what to eat up while you trim down.

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Picky People Pleasers

Is feeding the whole family with one meal a challenge? Not anymore.

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Easy Entertaining

Delicious dishes to keep you out of the kitchen and where you belong: with your guests.

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Sweet Treats

You never knew healthy could taste this sweet.

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Eating for Energy

Learn how to naturally boost your mojo and stamina with everyday super foods for out-of-this-world energy.

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Cooking for Weight Loss

Our most popular dishes are featured in this series, teaching you how to cook quickly and simply for effortless weight loss.

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If you decide this program is not for you within 48 hours of purchasing, just contact us for a full refund and keep the recipes, shopping lists, supplementary handouts as our gift to you.


Ready to get cooking up but still have a couple questions?  No problem.  Just email us at info@healthycookingcamp.com and we’re happy to go over anything with you.

See you in YOUR kitchen!

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